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Why You Should Consider Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxies are epoxy systems that have metallic pigments incorporated which create a glimmering and long-lasting finish for epoxy flooring Chicago residents love.


Product Finishes

Metallic epoxy floor coatings have risen to be one of the most popular web coating systems on the web thanks to the incredible finishes that they can provide. For the creation of different coatings, a variety of solvents, brushes, and occasionally blowers are utilized in the manipulation of the material so that it cures in a specific manner.  Using these distinct methods, it is possible to create finishes that resemble the look of lava, clouds, and waves, if done using professional epoxy flooring contractors Chicago trusts such as BEYOND CONCRETE INC.


Product Benefits

Metallic coatings are designed for installation using the 100% solid epoxy system, currently the most durable epoxy on the market. This signifies that metallic epoxies provide the benefits of a flooring system that is meant for installation in industrial or commercial settings.  Long service life, resistance to common manners of damage, and minimal maintenance are only a few of the benefits provided by this floor coating. Continue reading to discover additional benefits of metallic epoxy use:

·        Incredibly Hygienic

·        Stain and Chemical Resistance

·        10-30 Years of Service (depending on what area it is installed in)

·        Slip and Skid Resistance

·        Low Maintenance

·        Can be installed in a Variety of Areas

You should now feel well informed regarding the benefits of metallic epoxy flooring. If you are considering metallic epoxies, ensure that your project is handled by one of the leading professional epoxy flooring companies Chicago has to offer like BEYOND CONCRETE INC handle their installation. If installers are untrained, they will have no idea how to achieve specific finishes and leave you with a disaster rather than an attractive space.  We also specialize in concrete polishing for polished concrete floors in Chicago.

epoxy flooring contractors Chicago